Absolut Vodka – Doing Things Differently

Advert: Absolut Vodka – Doing Things Differently
Music: Fall On Your Sword – Ceremony

This ad features a cover version of the New Order track Ceremony, specially commissioned for the ad and performed by ‘experimental music collaboration’ Fall On Your Sword. It’s not commercially available, although the band does perform the song at live gigs. You can get the original New Order version here.

4 thoughts on “Absolut Vodka – Doing Things Differently

  1. Richard Lambert

    The original version of Ceremony by New Order can be obtained from the ‘Substance 1987’ and ‘New Order – Singles’ LP’s.
    Substance includes the B sides of the early New Order singles, whereas the singles collection updates for more recently recorded material.

  2. Tim H

    Ceremony was actually written by Joy Division and their version can be heard on the album ‘Still’. It was then released as a single by New Order who rose from the ashes of Joy Division after the death of Ian Curtis. It is a great song.

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