John Lewis – Woman’s Life

Advert: John Lewis – Woman’s Life
Music: Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always a Woman

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This song was written by Billy Joel and is performed here by Fyfe Dangerfield lead singer with the The Guillemots.

18 thoughts on “John Lewis – Woman’s Life

  1. andy45

    This song was written by Billy Joel and is performed here by Fyfe Dangerfield lead singer with the The Guillemots.

  2. Windywoo

    Just bland enough to have mainstream appeal. Fyffe Dangerfield has no belly button because he was grown in a vat. Made from a DNA cocktail of all the soft voiced indie singers from the 90s. The Β£6 million budget of this advert went mostly on collecting the DNA and cultivating Mr. Dangerfield. About 50 quid was left over for the actual concept so they ripped off an Italian advert for stockings.

  3. Jessie

    I love this advert, what a pefect life she apears to have!
    And the song is amazing I am going to get it and put it on repeat on my ipod.

  4. Joe Docherty

    This is by far the best advert for a long time on tv.The words of the song are perfect.

  5. Stuart Porter

    This is the best advert on Tv for a long time, it sums up how your life goes so quickly

  6. Leif

    A fantastic combination of music and image, sadly for me its all about my wife who passed away age 36, she only got to “live” the first part of the add, she also has dark hair and looks a little too similar to the lady inthe advert for comfort. wonderfull and desperately sad…..

  7. Jes

    this is an amazing advert i actaully weld up wen i first saw it and i dont even know why! i dont know wether to smile or cry when i see it but i love it. and fyfe dangerfield has a perfect voice for this song. best advert if seen in ages =]=]

  8. Grace Demakes

    This is genuinly my favorite advert ever.

    Its like that feeling when you hear an incredible song you haven’t heard in a long time but better.


  9. alex sked scotland

    Billy`s words and music blend perfectly in perfect sync with the video.
    This production will in my opinion, be up in the top 5 ad videos for all time.
    Raw emotion and the innocence of womanhood shine through in the first few seconds.Best for a long time, certainly touched a nerve with my family and myself. Our compliments to the team who put this together!
    Thank you.

  10. tedrymayes

    wow how pc is this!!
    spot gramps in the gant, or is it guise or is it beige shirt – that’s me that is…. how correct can you get! lets have a competition to really analyse this ad…. join in

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