Wrigley’s Extra Gum – Are You Following Me?

Advert: Wrigleys Extra Gum – Are You Following Me?
Music: Nylon Studios – Commissioned Track

This track was written Nylon composer Damian De Boos Smith. It’s not available to download.

14 thoughts on “Wrigley’s Extra Gum – Are You Following Me?

  1. JC

    Great tune alright. Sounds very like English singer/songwriter Stephen Fretwell. Anyone who likes it should check him out. Especially his secong album ‘Man on Roof’!!!

  2. Shirl

    I agree with everyone else. This track is brilliant and should be made into a full song. Most disappointed that I cant download it. It’s so catchy I’m sure it would get airtime on Radio 1.

  3. Jess

    Hi I totally agree with u all, it should b made into a full song! I love it too, I’m gutted I can’t get a download of it! Please please give us the Whole song!

  4. jwroe

    I totally agree. When I saw the ad the Eddie Vedder track did come to mind. Into the Wild is a class film with a brill soundtrack 🙂

  5. Tman

    Eddie Vedder, “Guaranteed” is the song I’m referring to from the Into The Wild soundtrack, which although not exactly the same as that in the ad, is 100% the same vibe and imho musically v v similar. pls check it out anyway, I’d love to know if others agree.

  6. Tman

    The song in the current (Summer 2010) UK wrigleys extra TV ad is very very similar to an earlier song used in an excellent movie entitled “Into The Wild”. Those desperate for the said wrigleys song might do well to check out that movie and you should hear what I mean 🙂 h.t.h.

  7. Claire

    Gutted it’s not available for download. It really should be, it would make a fortune coz there’s lots of buzz about it on the net.

  8. laura!

    this song from wrigleys gum ad really really should be released its a total shame if it isnt i just want to hear the rest of the song i just love it!

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