Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee – Spark Something Special

Advert: Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee – Spark Something Special
Music: Harry Crawley Jnr. – Sway

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Sway is an English version of Quién Será by Mexican composer and bandleader Pablo Beltrán Ruiz, lyrics written in 1954.
The singer on the advert is Harry Crawley Jnr. who is part of The Rat Pack Live Show.

14 thoughts on “Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee – Spark Something Special

  1. Harry

    Hi thank you i am going to record it with the following i have received from all you lovely people and your greatly appreciated compliments

  2. janine

    Hi Harry,

    Awesome voice. Everytime I hear the ad I stop in my tracks. Hope to purchase a copy in the near future, Good Luck x

  3. Matthew

    What’s the name of the actress in this advert, she’s gorgeous.
    And Harry, I thought you WERE Dino, you’re good.

  4. Lolly

    If Harry records this I wouldn’t be surprised to see it shoot up the charts – dare I say to No.1? Why not do a whole album – I would definitely buy it.

  5. Smokey

    Harry is a great singer with style and class.He Gives The Impression That Nescafe is as Smooth and classy as he is.

  6. Sharon

    I agree, yours is the best version. Everytime, I hear the song start it makes me stop and watch the ad, I love listening to the song and your voice. I have been trying to download the song as an MP3 ringtone, but could only getting the pussycat dolls version!! Not quite the same. Please record and release this Harry. Nescafe – good choice, the song and Harrys voice gets your ad noticed and watched (oh and drunk!) 🙂

  7. Harry

    Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee – Spark Something Special
    ‘Sway’ on the Ad Sung by Harry Crawley Jnr

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