Peugeot RCZ – It Chooses You

Advert: Peugeot RCZ – It Chooses You
Music: Benjamin Lebeau, Léo Copet, Guillaume Briere – Kuala Lumpur Race

This track was written specially for the advert by French duo, ‘The Film’ Benjamin Lebeau, Guillaume Briere and Léo Copet a DJ remixer – MonsieurC from duo ‘Monsieur Monsieur’.
The Film also provided the soundtrack to the Peugeot 407 ‘Toys’ advert in 2004, with “Can You Touch Me”. It may be released in the future.

11 thoughts on “Peugeot RCZ – It Chooses You

  1. Brad

    Love this, keeps running around my mind.
    It’ll be released no doubt. Dubstep meets underground Euro.

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