Umbro World Cup 2010 – Tailored By England

Advert: Umbro World Cup 2010 – Tailored By England
Music: Commissioned Version – United Kingdom National Anthem

This advert uses the UK National Anthem “God Save the Queen”.

6 thoughts on “Umbro World Cup 2010 – Tailored By England

  1. KEITH

    I think it is disgusting to use our National Anthem for an advert, no matter what is being advertised

  2. aaron

    Tailored by immigration more like, i never knew England fans were burqa wearing rastafairians, how insulting to the English.

  3. daniel

    this is gash, sky are showing the english advert in SCOTLAND, that didnt go down well, we have our own advert, ANYONE BUT ENGLAND 😉

  4. stuart

    brilliant…..come on England the cup is ours to be taken lets show the world we are a great nation loyal and true proud are we backing our England for country and team.good luck i think i speak for everyone when i say………….We are all behind you.

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