Crabbie’s – Ginger Beer for Grown Ups

Advert: Crabbie’s – Ginger Beer for Grown Ups
Music: Melodi Light Orchestra – Puffin’ Billy

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Puffin’ Billy by Edward White played by Melodi Light Orchestra, was the signature tune of BBC radio ‘Children’s Favourites’ programme. This programme ran for several decades from 1954 onwards.

12 thoughts on “Crabbie’s – Ginger Beer for Grown Ups

  1. Muriel Portugal

    We too have been humming it non-stop and wondering where we’d heard it before. New it was from the radio, and like everyone else glad to be put out of our misery! What a splendid and catchy idea to use it for an advert. Once on your brain you can’t get rid of it!!!

  2. Mal McKnight

    This has been driving me crazy for weeks.But it took me way when. thank you for putting me out of my misery.

  3. Ann

    I said it was Childrens Favourites first then my Hubbie said not – Workers Playtime! So glad I was right!!!

  4. Jane

    As everyone else has said , it has been driving us nuts. We were thinking of Workers Playtime, so glad to know it was Children’s Favourites. Oh and all those wonderful songs we used to sing along to, Burl Ives was one of the best.

  5. Abi

    Thank heaven for that – it’s been driving me crackers. That tune is used on all sorts of things and I distinctly remember it from early childhood, but couldn’t work out what it was.

  6. ray hill

    I join the the other people above that I have been humming this tune all over Christmas and couldn’t for the life of me think where it came from. I knew it came from either TV or radio from my childhood. My wife hadn’t heard it before which surprised me and I’m so pleased now I know.

  7. Patricia Mitchell

    Thank goodness! I’m NOT as crazy as my husband thinks. I knew this tune from listening to Childrens favourites in the 50’s. My father would turn up the radio, open the passage door and my bedroom door knowing I would be out of bed and downstairs in seconds to listen to my favourite tunes….Patricia1950

  8. Rose Preston

    So glad I found an answer to this, it has been annoying me every time I saw the advert. I knew the music was associated with a fifties radio programme,
    Childrens Favourites – of course – memories of Max Bygraves and songs about tooth brushes, tulips from Amsterdam, doogies for sale in windows, etc etc!
    Rose vintage 1948

  9. Brian Baker

    I was also trying to find out the programme that music related to, thanks for the answer it also brings back memories of sitting in front of the radio and listening to the music and sometimes dancing to good tunes. Thank You.

  10. Joyce Baker

    Thank you for that information ! I knew it was from my childhood and I remembered it soooo well, but I couldn’t for the life of me think what programme it introduced. JFB Vintage 1947 ๐Ÿ™‚

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