Cadbury’s – Spots v Stripes

Advert: Cadbury Spots v Stripes
Music: Spike Jones – Hotcha Cornya

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Another Glass and a Half Full Production from ad production company Fallon, this one promoting Cadbury’s plan to get the whole country playing games against each other in the run up to London 2012 (where Cadbury’s will be “Official Treat Provider”). This version of the ad features the early 1940s song Hotcha Cornya by comedy musician and bandleader Spike Jones, with his band the City Slickers. It’s a pastiche of a popular Russian song called Dark Eyes (Ochi Chyornye), which is set to a piece of music by Florian Hermann. Future versions of the ad are planned to feature different songs.

8 thoughts on “Cadbury’s – Spots v Stripes

  1. Paul

    @Matt You might be thinking of Florian Hermann’s Valse Hommage, on which Dark Eyes was based, of which Hotcha Cornya is a pastiche…

    @George There was an Italian/Russian movie named after the Dark Eyes song, not sure if it featured the music though…

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