Ikea – Kitchen Party

Advert: Ikea – Kitchen Party
Music: Jona Lewie presents Man Like Me – You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

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This Ikea ad features a new version of Jona Lewie’s first UK hit record You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties from 1980, performed here by Man Like Me and mixed by legendary producer Arthur Baker. Lewie appears in the ad as the host of the party. He’s perhaps best known for his “Christmas” record Stop the Cavalry, which wasn’t originally intended as a Christmas song, and was actually a summer number one in France.

21 thoughts on “Ikea – Kitchen Party

    • Stoshuss

      The guy in the blue shirt is from a London band called “Man Like me”,not sure of his name though. (Man Like Me) have covered this original 1980 track by Jona Lewie.

  1. Desiree Simpson

    And there’s the lovely Jona Lewie himself as the party host standing by the kitchen sink in the suit!

  2. Jan

    A stroke of pure genius…this advert is brill…..
    I liked the cat advert as well but this ad tops it.
    hope Ikea come up with another catchy one….ie for the bedroom, living room etc etc…..

  3. welshgem

    This is a blast from the past – loved it first time round and great to hear it again – danced many nights to this one! Great advert and a good tribute.

  4. alex lane

    awesome band, saw them in support for zero 7 in ’09 glad theyve got a air time coz i couldnt find them til now! great song and cracking advert

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