Iceland – Christmas Cabaret

Advert: Iceland – Christmas Cabaret
Music: Iceland Mums – Christmas Can-Can

Jason Donovan appears as the compere in this Moulin Rouge inspired advert for Iceland. The song is a specially created vocal version of ‘The Galop’ from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta Orpheus in the Underworld. The guitar riff is from the T-Rex song 20th Century Boy.

9 thoughts on “Iceland – Christmas Cabaret

  1. margaret atherton

    when this advert first came on it was bad, after seeing it four times in advert break it was driving me nuts. so i e.mailed iceland and told them so. they said they would send a reply in 48 hrs……………i’m still waiting !

  2. peed orf

    Well I hate it, and hate Iceland for ruining a great song. I can’t stop the puerile ad lyrics replacing the real ones in my head, and it drives me insane. I’ll never shop there again.

  3. dean

    what about the guitar riff when they sing “that’s why mum’s go to iceland” it’s driving me mad trying to think what it is

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