CSL Sofas – Christmas 2010

Advert: CSL Sofas – Christmas 2010
Music: Steph – Girls On Film

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This three minute full length advert is soundtracked by Steph and her new single ‘Girls On Film’ originally a hit for Duran Duran.

7 thoughts on “CSL Sofas – Christmas 2010

  1. Ste

    I think it’s pretty bad. Couldn’t work out what it was advertising at first. Thought it was a M&S ad or something lol

  2. jamie

    freaks? i would hardly say that, this is what some people do for a living or as part of their degree. I think you will find in the advertising world it is good to know these things. The advert is crap has no relevance to CSL, basically the poor guy has wasted a lot of money promoting his girlfriend and making a mockery of his brand.

  3. FACT

    Your obviously all freaks to care so much, research it and comment! Why don’t you get a life and keep your jealous opinions to yourselves! It’s only an advert!!!!! I bet you’ve all got great bodies, your amazing at dancing and are all perfect singers!!Ha Ha Yea Right

  4. Holly

    Fun fact. The girl singing is the girlfriend of the head of CSL and he put her in the ad to ‘jump start’ her music career.

    Says it all really, doesn’t it?

  5. Eda

    That’s just shit,can’t bare your ad, the song is awful,unecessary half naked girls…could say it’s quiet sexist. Honestly this ad just making people change the channel, not buying sofas.

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