Center Parcs – Memories Start Here

Advert: Center Parcs – Memories Start Here
Music: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

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This track from Australia’s The Temper Trap, as featured on their album Conditions, was previously used in a Sky Sports ad in Summer 2009.

2 thoughts on “Center Parcs – Memories Start Here

  1. rachael

    I googled this because everyone i know, including myself, cannot understand a word the song says! It’s just garbled nonsense, well sung nonsense but that makes no odds if you dont have a clue what its about! Would someone like to enlighten us please? Their influences may include u2 but u2 were completely understandable so they’ve failed in their mission i’m afraid!

  2. Robert

    I seriously hope that they quote that their major influence is ‘The Greatest Band In The World’ – the often mimicked but never bettered………….U2

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