Pandora – Unforgettable Moments

Advert: Pandora – Unforgettable Moments
Music: Silas Bjerregaard – Pandora (You Know Me)

Download track FREE from Pandora

This ad for Pandora jewellery features a specially recorded track by Silas Bjerregaard from Denmark. The full track is available as a free download from Pandora – just click on the link above (right click to ‘save as’). Below is the full 3 minute 46 second version of the ad, as opposed to the 30 second version you’ll see on TV.

2 thoughts on “Pandora – Unforgettable Moments

  1. alan

    What a change it makes to see a superb ad like this. Fantastic musical track complements the ad perfectly. The girl in the denim jacket! what beautiful eyes! like looking into her soul. Well i can dream!

  2. Colin Wingfield

    A beautiful sound reminiscent of Devotchka’s ‘How It Ends’ (which was used for a computer game ad incidentally)

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