TalkTalk – A Brighter Home For Everyone

Advert: TalkTalk – A Brighter Home For Everyone
Music: Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

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This latest TalkTalk ad features the 1965 Righteous Brothers classic Unchained Melody. The song’s reputation was damaged in recent years by a Robson and Jerome cover version ‘masterminded’ by Simon Cowell that somehow became one of the UK’s biggest-selling singles of all time. However the Righteous Brothers version, produced by Phil Spector and originally issued as a b-side, remains untouchable. Well-known fact: Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield were not brothers.

One thought on “TalkTalk – A Brighter Home For Everyone

  1. No Talk Talk

    A Brighter Home for Everyone? I find this fundamentally flawed in that they don’t cover my area. Perhaps….A Brighter Home for Everyone that doesn’t live more than 15 miles from a town?

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