Ikea – Everything You Need To Go To Bed Happy

Advert: Ikea Bedrooms- Everything You Need To Go To Bed Happy
Music: Fanfare Ciocarlia – Asfalt Tango
Also sampled on: Serk (featuring Schampus) – Bangersexy

Download Asfalt Tango or get the CD from Amazon

This Ikea ad, another in the Happy Inside series, features a brass-happy track by Romanian 12-piece Fanfare Ciocarlia, from the album Baro Biao. The track can also be heard as an opening sample on German hip hip artist Serk’s track Bangersexy.

UPDATE: OK, let’s try to clear up any confusion regarding this ad. The track featured is certainly Asfalt Tango by Fanfare Ciocarlia. However, that track is sampled on Bangersexy by Serk (never released in the UK, but you can find it on YouTube), which opens with the first 20 seconds or so of Asfalt Tango, adding the occasional beat, before heading off into hip-hop territory. On (very) close inspection, we think the ad uses elements of BOTH tracks. To give a specific example, 14 seconds into the ad (told you it was specific) there’s a beat that isn’t in the Fanfare Ciocarlia original but is in the Serk track. (Certainly, the music identification service Shazam thinks the track in the ad is Serk’s Bangersexy.) However, from 20 seconds in it’s all Fanfare Ciocarlia. So, basically, if you want to download the music from the Ikea ad, download Asfalt Tango by Fanfare Ciocarlia. (If you go for the Serk track, you’ll like the opening few seconds, but might get disappointed shortly after that…)

8 thoughts on “Ikea – Everything You Need To Go To Bed Happy

  1. Desiree Simpson

    Excellent music, love it and I have the original 6.12 minute version. Just to say that the point about the beat 14 seconds in not in the original, is actually wrong. It is, about 4.47 minutes into the song after a quiet break! Then the song carries on with it’s lovely happy beat with varied trumpet swirls until it finishes at exactly 6.12! Now that’s specific! lol

  2. John

    errrrr did you read the description on the YouTube video? It has the artist and song title in it. It it definitely not Serk bangershechmerchbangshcmerk you IDIOT!

    It says right there :

    Artisit -Fanfara Ciocarlia
    Track – Asfalt Tango
    Album – Baro Biao

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