British Airways – To Fly, To Serve

Advert: British Airways – To Fly, To Serve
Music: Helen Jane Long – The Aviators

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Helen Jane Long has composed music for many commercials and is very popular in the UK on Classic FM, and in the USA. She has released two albums, and a third is on the way, to be released early 2012.

15 thoughts on “British Airways – To Fly, To Serve

  1. Nancy

    I was sure it was a variation on a them from the Transiberian Orchestra’s Christmas album.
    Can anyone else here that?

  2. Lauren

    It’s got to be the best ad ever ~ I keep looking for this wonderful ad and not the program……the music is haunting and takes you back in time. Brilliant!

  3. Sandra Wragg

    Awesome, beautiful, stunningly moveing, touching the heart enchanting,lifts the spirit to heaven,please release this before christmas, I would love to buy this for all my family friends and clients

  4. eddie

    heard this and immediately thought it was a ludovico einaudi piece. glad i finally found out who composed this and now ive got another great pianist to listen to. 🙂

  5. Richard Hodgkins

    Was watching something recorded on Channel 5 and just happened to see the BA advert. Immediately paused it and went on the web to find out who composed the music. So glad I did. If you like Ludovico Einaudi, you will like this too!! Great stuff from Helen Jane Long. Highly recommended.

  6. Alice

    Gobsmackingly beautiful music. I’m so pleased to have now stumbled upon her music and I shall buy her two albums. The voiceover sounds like Jack Davenport….yes?

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