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Advert: – Christmas Gift Ideas
Music: Specially Recorded – My Lovely Mother

OK, this isn’t a commercially available track, but it’s sure to get stuck in a lot of people’s heads as it enjoys heavy rotation in the run-up to Christmas. The song is based on Terry Scott’s (he of Terry and June) 1950s comedy track My Bruvva. Who put an Xbox under the tree? Not to mention the fijit, the laptop, the Optimus Prime, the HTC and the Fuji? Of course, it was “my lovely mother”.

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  1. :D

    I personally think this advert is funny and a laugh , surely the children arent gonna listen to the words properly and Just dance to it
    about the presents anyway not all children want things like that , so it doesnt set the standard..
    It think the advert is fab so dont complain

  2. Michael

    It’s not as ‘simple as that’. If you truly believe that this advert represents something as ‘simple as that’, and most of your contemporaries were like-minded, then society really would be well and truly doomed. Although, given the state of the world and the unstoppable population explosion we face, maybe self-destruction is to be welcomed. I only hope those having children today can live with themselves when the apocalypse comes – I’d especially love to see the abject horror, dismay and appallation on the faces of those saying that this ad is ‘cute’ and ‘simple’ when that glorious day comes. It will be truly rapturous.

  3. Jack

    Look people it’s a funny and cute ad if your child still believes. In Santa then they would not care what the advert says they would still believe if your child has any questions or queries then just give them the answers but with a hint on the end : if you don’t believe you don’t get !

  4. Hannah

    SO? for god sake they are going to find out sometime,
    anyway its just lying to your child anyway…
    for god sake, they were just trying to make a nice ad, just leave it be.

  5. Michael

    I completely agree with Lupus. It’s disturbing seeing little kids thinking it’s cool to be ‘urban’. Combine that culture with the ‘consume consume consume’ message of the ad, and you’re looking at the next generation of rioters and looters. As perfectly illustrated in the comments of ‘Jo’ above, who says that her children find the rapping ‘fun and cute’ – let’s see if you’re saying that in ten years’ time when they’re out pillaging and burning down businesses and homes.

  6. Lupus

    1. The only people interested in the opinions of 12 and 13 year olds are other 12 and 13 year olds.

    2. This advert should be banned for the rap section of its song. As if children don’t get exposed enough to that sterile, lazy, boring, melody-eschewing style. Everyone associated with its production should be fired from a gigantic cannon into the sun.

  7. Robert

    Apart from the awful materialistic message, how dare they ruin the original brilliant song by Terry Scott. People who like the tune should listen to the original on YouTube. Still very funny, great lyrics and contains an age-old truth about the behaviour of little “bruvvers”!

  8. james m

    if you kids dont behave dont tell them that santa isnt coming show them the littlewoods advert. shame on u littlewoods. love santa ho ho ho ho ho merry christmas x

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