First Choice – All Inclusive

Advert: First Choice – All Inclusive
Music: Flo Rida – Good Feeling

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This ad follows a traveller on a celebratory all-inclusive holiday. The track is from Flo Rida, aka US rapper and singer Tramar Dillard. And, yes, he is from Florida.

8 thoughts on “First Choice – All Inclusive

  1. Kallum Nom Nom Smart

    the person singing though is different n i keep trying to find out who it is who sings it cuz it isnt flo ridas version

  2. Paul

    @Jonathan The version in the advert has guitars on it. The Flo Rida version has guitars on it. The Avicii version doesn’t seem to have guitars on it. They’re obviously very similar, but we’re sticking to our opinion that it’s Flo Rida.

  3. Paul

    @Ralph Hi Ralph, while it’s true that the Flo Rida track samples the Avicii track (which in turn samples Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James), it’s the Flo Rida track used on this ad.

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