HSBC – Lemonade

Advert: HSBC – Lemonade
Music: Soundtree – Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Download the Maurice Chevalier version from iTunes
Download the Maurice Chevalier version / get CD from Amazon

This clever series of ads shows a little girl setting up a multinational lemonade stand by accepting different foreign currencies. The track is a specially recorded cover version by the Soundtree music production company of Thank Heaven for Little Girls, which was originally recorded by Maurice Chevalier for the 1958 movie Gigi. You can get Chevalier’s original version using the links above.

One thought on “HSBC – Lemonade

  1. Scooby doo

    All HSBC adverts make me wince. Children + money = yuk. The theme tune to the lemonade ad is a poor choice. “Little girls get bigger every day”. I can almost hear Mr Chevalier rubbing his thighs and drooling. Sickening.

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