Greene King IPA – Crafted For The Moment

Advert: Greene King IPA – Crafted For The Moment
Music: Jake Bugg – Country Song

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This ad promotes Greene King’s India Pale Ale, which has been brewed since 1799. The music artist featured in the ad is a lot younger. Jake Bugg is 18, and has been singing and playing music since he was 12. He played at the Glastonbury Festival last year, and is currently supporting Michael Kiwanuka on tour.

14 thoughts on “Greene King IPA – Crafted For The Moment

  1. Honey_Bee97

    This song is awesome and if you don’t like it then don’t bloody listen to it then 🙂

  2. Lainey181

    Beautiful song and voice, we scattered my Dads ashes today and when I got home and put the TV on this was playing. xx

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  4. Joebloggs

    Amazing song mate, I’ll be watchin out for your gigs should ye ever make it across the Irish sea!!!?!

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  6. Miketite

    such a crystal like tone, reminisant of a singer called john golding in the 70,s, will be on my to buy list.

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