Sky Movies HD – April 2012

Advert: Sky Movies HD – April 2012
Music: Epic Score / Aleksandar Dimitrijevic – The Return Home

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The music on this ad (and it’s being shown on other channels, so we’re listing it as an “ad” rather than a “trailer”) is a piece of library soundtrack music composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic and released by music production company Epic Score. This track, The Return Home, is from the Epic Action & Adventure Volume 9 collection. Epic Score have provided music for scores of movie, TV and game soundtracks – and plenty of adverts. You can download this track from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Sky Movies HD – April 2012

  1. Honda

    There is another Sky Movies HD Advert on the Tv right now featuring Transformers, Rio etc which has an awesome soundtrack to it as well. Could you tell me what that is?

    • Jimbeef

      It’s called “Large” by Altitude Music. No word on when or if it’ll be out on general release. Some trailer music goes that way, some stuff remains an industry-only sort of thing.

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