Halfords – The Trip

Advert: Halfords – The Trip
Music: Skids – Into The Valley

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This nostalgic vision of a family holiday will warm the hearts of many a viewer, as will the ad’s classic post-punk soundtrack. “The best trips last a lifetime,” is the strapline for this Halfords campaign, from DLKW Lowe, which cleverly places a couple of 1970s kids alongside a pair from the present day. The searing track is Into The Valley, a 1979 top ten hit from Scottish new-wavers the Skids, fronted by Richard Jobson, and with Stuart Adamson (later of Big Country) on guitar. And while some old punks might grumble about the track being used in an advert, all will agree that it still sounds fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Halfords – The Trip

  1. Kevin

    what on earth are the lyrics? nonsensical and puts me off ever shopping at halfords. advertising at its worst.

  2. Markevans31

    The track on this ad brought back so many vivid teenage memories for me i just had to download it and add it to my playlist on my mp3 player…….top tune 🙂

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