Thinkbox – Harvey and Rabbit

Advert: Thinkbox – Harvey and Rabbit
Music: Adam Buxton and Nick Webb – Friends

Harvey is back, and this time he has a friend. This Thinkbox ad is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of TV advertising. The previous Harvey commercial was voted ad of the year in 2010 by ITV viewers (and Harvey was named celebrity dog of the year by the Dogs Trust!). The soundtrack, Friends, is performed by Adam Buxton, of Adam and Joe fame. Buxton also wrote the lyrics, and the music was composed by Nick Webb. Unfortunately it’s not available to download yet.

14 thoughts on “Thinkbox – Harvey and Rabbit

  1. il rivoluzionario incompetente

    it’s amazing how, in trying to promote the concept of tv advertising in general, they have managed to create the archetypal annoying tv advert, featuring incredibly loud compressed audio, forced faux-retro wackiness and marginal relevance to a nebulous product. 

      • il rivoluzionario incompetente

        are you 12 years old? believe it or not, you can have a life without being a complete idiot. it’s not the worst advert in the world but it’s twice as loud as everything else on channel 4, and it’s on all the fucking time.

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