Cathedral City – Come Home

Advert: Cathedral City – Come Home
Music: Ed Prosek – Homeward Bound

Download Homeward Bound by Ed Prosek from iTunes
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This Cathedral City advert, part of a new £5 million campaign, invites viewers to come home to the nation’s favourite cheese. The music is a cover of Paul Simon’s Homeward Bound, originally released by Simon and Garfunkel in 1966. This version is by Ed Prosek, originally from San Francisco but now based in Brighton. Ed’s cover of Homeward Bound is available to download from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Cathedral City – Come Home

  1. Ian Murray

    I come from Liverpool and reckon its one of the streets leading down to Grafton Street in Liverpool 8

  2. Pabs

    Where was this filmed? It looks like Merseyside (Liverpool and Wirral) but I can’t quite tell. Wouldn’t mind some confirmation. Cheers.

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