Volvo V40 – It’s You

Advert: Volvo V40 – It’s You
Music: Telekinesis – Please Ask For Help

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This ad for the new Volvo V40 features a track from Seattle band Telekinesis, led by Michael Benjamin Lerner. This track, Please Ask for Help, is from the 2011 album 12 Desperate Straight Lines. Telekinesis is the supernatural “mind over matter” technique of manipulating objects using only the power of the mind. You can download this track from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Volvo V40 – It’s You

  1. Buffduff

    Almost exactly like The Cure track ‘Just Like Heaven’ from the Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me album 1987. Infact started to sing the words to it during the advert! Copyright!!

  2. Cath

    I thought this was the Cure as well but couldn’t identify the track which really annoyed me. So that’s why I googled it and ended up here!

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