Ford B-Max – Man Dives Through

Advert: Ford B-Max – Man Dives Through
Music: Hawkwind – Master of the Universe

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Ford demonstrates how easy it is to get in and out of the new B-Max by having a man dive straight through the car. It’s a cunning stunt, but equally impressive is the driving rock soundtrack provided by the mighty Hawkwind. The track is called Master of the Universe, and it’s available to download from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Ford B-Max – Man Dives Through

  1. John

    Never thought I’d live to hear “Master of the Universe” as the music for a mainstream TV ad. Must be some old hippies in the ad agency.
    Excellent. Thank you.

  2. stuart merrylees

    great to hear a bit of hawkwind in your advert,im a massive fan of theres,i was even at dave brocks wedding in 2007…who knows,i might even test drive your new car?

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