Sky Movies HD – 2013

Advert: Sky Movies HD – 2013
Music: Peter Gabriel – My Body Is A Cage

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This ad promotes the 2013 lineup on Sky Movies HD, including Avengers Assemble, Snow White and the Huntsman, This Means War, Battleship, Men In Black 3, The Vow and John Carter. The track used in the ad is My Body Is A Cage by Peter Gabriel, from the former Genesis frontman’s 2010 album Scratch My Back. My Body Is A Cage is available to download from iTunes.

11 thoughts on “Sky Movies HD – 2013

  1. Mick Ross

    Any one know the music from the Sky ad tonight (15th March) at around 10pm. It is an add for drama & series and features a female vocalist. it is a beautiful song and would like to get my hands on it. I think the lyrics are ” it will always be my…..”

    Any help would be apprecaited

  2. Chris

    Anyone got any idea what the new one in the UK is? Being searching it for ages, many hours of frustrations! I think it’s an ident, all I know is it’s a male vocalist, and it has some parts of The Woman In Black in the advert, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: It’s not Can’t pretend – Tom Odell by the way!

  3. Alex Doust

    Don’t suppose you know the recent one? The one advertising sky movies On Demand, with Skyfall, Madagascar, many other films and it’s a kind of orchestral music, no lyrics. Been searching for ages.

  4. Mike

    omg! i love you right now. thank you soooo much! been trying to find out this song for ages! Great shout Amber

  5. Mieke

    I was wondering if the most recent sky movies advert could pop up on here? It’s advertising Avengers, Battleship, Dream House and Contraband. The noise is too much for me to hear the lyrics. Thanks 🙂

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