Linda McCartney – New Chilled Range

Advert: Linda McCartney – New Chilled Range
Music: Paul McCartney – Heart of the Country (New Version)

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This animated ad for the new Linda McCartney range of meat-free chilled food is remarkable for several reasons – most notably because it features a new version of Paul and Linda McCartney’s track Heart of the Country, reworked specially for the ad by Paul with producer Mark Ronson. The original version featured on the 1971 album Ram. The ad also features a voiceover from Elvis Costello, whose dad, Ross McManus, has TV ad music form as he sang the R White’s Secret Lemonade Drinker TV ad theme in the 1970s. The animation, featuring the McCartney family heading to a woodland feast accompanied by characters including Horse boy, Napoleon Dog and Ballerina Cat, was produced by Passion Pictures. The new version of Heart of the Country isn’t currently available, but you can get Paul and Linda’s original version, and the Ram album, by clicking on the links above.