O2 Priority – Beyonce

Advert: O2 Priority – Beyoncé
Music: Beyoncé – I Been On (samples Swordfight by Klay)

Download Swordfight by Klay from iTunes
Download Swordfight by Klay from Amazon

This lavish ad, featuring Beyoncé and her touring crew, including dancers Les Twins, was directed by Jonas Akerlund. O2 customers can get priority access to tickets for Beyoncé’s Mrs Carter World Tour, and viewers of this ad get priority access to a snippet of a brand new song from the singer’s forthcoming album. Rumoured to be Beyoncé’s next single, the track hasn’t yet been named, but it features a prominent sample from the track Swordfight by Klay, which is available from iTunes. UPDATE: The track has been identified as a demo called I Been On. A new version has subsequently been released as the second part of the track Flawless.