Renault Clio – Unforgettable

Advert: Renault Clio – Unforgettable
Music: Abel Korzeniowski´╗┐ – W.E. (Music from the Motion Picture)

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This striking ad for the new Renault Clio features a number of witnesses who will never forget the first time they saw it. The music is from Abel Korzeniowski’s soundtrack for the movie W.E., the Madonna-directed mega-flop about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. The ad stitches together several pieces from the soundtrack, most notably Brooklyn Faces and Letters. The W.E. soundtrack is available to download from iTunes

8 thoughts on “Renault Clio – Unforgettable

  1. Ron

    The main piano part is from the track on the album called Letters. It was also used in the Top Gear’s James Bond special for the Aston Martin clips.

  2. Gary

    It’s the last 20 seconds of Brooklyn Faces from the WE soundtrack album, that’s why you can’t hear it from the preview, you have to purchase the whole track.

  3. Gavin Williams (@dasilva_uk)

    I was thinking the same. Sounds like Phillip Glass to me, can’t quite pin the track down – something from the Glassworks suite maybe?

  4. sucho

    I have been wondering the same thing after seeing the advert this morning, then strangely coincidentally this evening I was watching the film The Truman Show, and the same music was playing towards the end! Not sure what the piece is called, but the movie soundtrack is available to buy etc. so presumably its included on that. At least I hope so because its a wonderful piece of music!

  5. Matt

    What is the track that is played at the end with the strings. Can’t find using previews only in iTunes?

    • Teifion Wildi (@teifionw)

      on the W E album it is the track called “Fight” near the end. That is my favourite bit. It took a while to find

    • Teifion Wildi (@teifionw)

      oh that might not be what it is called on the album as I was looking at a preview album. You can find it on youtube though

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