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Music: Beck Goldsmith – I Vow To Thee, My Country

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This trailer for new BBC drama the Village features a version of the patriotic song I Vow To Thee, My Country, which is a First World War-era poem by Cecil Spring-Rice set to a section of music from the Jupiter section of Gustav Holst’s the Planets suite. This version is performed by Beck Goldsmith, a singer-songwriter from Nottingham who is currently based in North West Scotland. Beck is currently re-recording the track for release, so watch this space.

UPDATE: The track is now available to download from iTunes.

19 thoughts on “BBC – The Village

      • the_director

        I agree. I also think in response to all the comments below that it is perfectly acceptable to voice your opinion without receiving a barrage of abuse from other people.

        Yes, she sings it quite badly. It is simply what people are used to.

    • DavesMateJohn

      I think you take a breath too often. Mrs Snell, if you don’t like it why would you bother to comment. It obviously left an impression you enough to make the effort. I Personally don’t think it is the best song ever recorded but I certainly know I have never typed your name into a search when looking for something created by someone talented that will give me a few moments of pleasure in my stressful life. Also can i say the program was one of the best things the BBC has done in the last twenty years and moved me beyond belief. Amazing

    • DavesMateJohn

      PS. You should be in bed at that time not up trolling the internet. Cats are lovely, but you must find a partner sooner or later and stop addressing yourself as Mrs.

    • Flyboysevere

      Balderdash , It is spellbinding and beautiful .I suppose your ‘preferred’ version has a military band and jingoist banners ?

  1. Efbiom

    I thought it was Heidi Talbot singing and have been trying to find out . Thanks for clearing this up for me

  2. Andy

    I was sure it was Lisa Hannigan singing! Lisa is absolutely amazing & I urge everyone. To check her out on YouTube :

  3. Kilmer5

    Hey, that’s my upload you’ve “borrowed.” It’s missing the very beginning of the trailer and it was pulled from a transmission to the States. You might want to make your own copy, hopefully with better quality. Then I can copy yours! Better still, maybe the BBC will get off its collective arse and post to YouTube before the first ep.airs next Sunday.

    • Paul

      Hi Kilmer5, if you mean the YouTube video, thanks for uploading, but we haven’t “borrowed” it, it’s still hosted by YouTube and we’re just linking to YouTube in this post. But you are right, BBC does not seem to have posted it yet.

  4. teejay

    think she has a beautiful voice – cant find the track on itunes yet – this girl has amazing talent…

  5. peter kettridge, harlow essex

    the hymn tune is also called THAXTED where holst was living when he wrote the planet suite.

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