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Advert: O2 – Tracks
Music: Emeli Sandé – Next To Me

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O2’s Tracks app gives users access to the UK Top 40 on their mobiles without streaming. The ad features the ubiquitous Emeli Sandé, who doesn’t seem to have been off out televisions since the Olympic opening ceremony. The track is the also ubiquitous Next To Me, from the album Our Version of Events. It is, of course, available to download from iTunes.

One thought on “O2 – Tracks

  1. Tyrone Allin Bryan

    This advert is confusing because the girl in the Beats headphones is clearly using a Sony/Sony Ericsson phone. Beats headphones don’t work properly with the Sony brand because they use the CTIA standard which is used by most phone brands, but Sony use the OMTP standard making the control talk function unworkable and making any playback volume a lot lower than normal.
    It makes O2 look a little silly and may cause public opinion to think that the headphones are okay to use with Sony when in fact they are not.
    O2 looks like they don’t know the pros and cons for going with different brands, and if the company appears like it doesn’t know how am I supposed to trust that anybody within the company knows what they are talking about.
    Its a bit silly

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