Cancer Research – Race For Life 2013

Advert: Cancer Research – Race For Life 2013
Music: Kasabian – Underdog

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“Cancer, we’re coming to get you.” That’s the message of this powerful ad promoting the Cancer Research Race For Life 2013. The track used in the ad is Underdog by Kasabian. There are more than 230 Race For Life events happening across the UK. You can find out more at

2 thoughts on “Cancer Research – Race For Life 2013

  1. Portia

    I would like to share the poem I wrote and read at my dads funeral after losing him to cancer 6yrs ago . I saw the cancer as a living, breathing thing, a parasite. I hated it. Not everyone understood why I had not written and recited a heartfelt eulogy. I instantly related to this latest tv ad. Hope you can see where I was coming from….

    My dad was Big and Strong, until a Monster came along,
    “there is no such thing” my dad once said.
    “not in your wardrobe or under the bed”.
    But now I know this is not true,
    ‘coz Big and Angry that Monster grew!
    For 7 years you made him fight,
    took all his strength and drained his might,
    but did you really think you would come out best
    when you laid my father down to rest?
    He may have lost his battle to you
    but won the fight when you died too!
    To a better place I know you have gone
    where once again you are Big and Strong!
    Mike Fielder died 2007.

    Thank you for reading…

  2. Brady

    Race for Life. – Cancer,’ We’re coming to get you’.
    ABSOLUTELY appalling advert – SCAREY, HORRID and HORRIFIC – the worst I have
    ever seen. I have never complained before about an advert. Please take it down.

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