Compare the Market – Duet

Advert: Compare the Market – Duet
Music: Aleksandr Orlov – Gingery & Furry (feat. Maurice)

Download Gingery & Furry from iTunes
Download Ebony & Ivory from iTunes

It seems to be a tactic of price comparison websites to make their TV adverts as annoying as possible. Clearly the tactic works, and this latest Compare the Market / Compare the Meerkat ad sticks firmly to the plan. It features meerkat Aleksandr Orlov (who, lest we forget, is now a published author), performing a duet with Robert Webb’s Maurice. The song is a bizarre reworking of Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s saccharine ode to racial harmony Ebony & Ivory. The meerkat version is called Gingery & Furry, and somehow manages to be even worse than the original – which was voted in a BBC poll as the worst duet in history. Amazingly, the meerkat version has been released as a single. It seems remarkably unlikely to trouble the top ten, but should you wish to buy the song it’s available to download from iTunes.

Gingery & Furry (feat. Maurice) - Gingery & Furry (Meerkatduet) [feat. Maurice] - Single