Citroen DS3 – Challenge Convention

Advert: Citroën DS3 – Challenge Convention
Music: Discobitch – C’est Beau La Bourgeoisie

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This summer 2013 TV ad for the Citroën DS3 features hundreds of uniformed people marching through cityscapes, then cuts to the non-uniformed DS3, with the slogan ‘challenge convention’. The track is C’est Beau La Bourgeoisie by French duo Discobitch (Kylian Mash and Laurent Konrad). The song was a hit in continental Europe when it was released in 2008, but isn’t easy to find in the UK. A version of the song, hidden away on an obscure dance compilation, can be downloaded from iTunes, and used copies of the CD are available from the Amazon marketplace.

9 thoughts on “Citroen DS3 – Challenge Convention

  1. Julie Pethrick

    At the end of the advert the 3rd girl in, 2 nd row back is out of sync. Is this intentional or unnoticed by u (citreon)?

  2. jus

    i am pleased that someone else finds the style of this ad a bit..fascist?..disturbing?.whats with the goosestepping?

  3. M plummer

    Don’t be part of the mind police system .. Buy a citroen seems to be the message, but it is toe curlingly distasteful . But then, I was born in1939. Plum

  4. Tommy

    i’m of the exact same opinion, first thing I think of when I see this advert is the Nazi’s, and of all the companies to do it, a French one. Unbelievable.

  5. dave

    erm, why does this look like Nazis marching through Paris??? this just puts me off buying this car, did I miss something here or is this a really distasteful advert. This puts me off buying this car, what were you thinking? who does this appeal to? what generation?

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