Littlewoods – Ladybird

Advert: Littlewoods – Ladybird
Music: Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

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This £1.3m kidswear campaign focusses on Littlewoods’ Ladybird brand, and features a mini-sized Myleene Klass transforming her friend’s outfits, and then transforming into proper-sized Myleene. The track is Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band from 1982.

9 thoughts on “Littlewoods – Ladybird

  1. Evelyn

    It’s not Ms Klass’s little girl. I saw the casting ad’s and in the end they chose a little girl called Evie Lew-Davies. She is just a cutie, isn’t she? : – )

  2. linda

    i think the little girl in the advert is so gorgeous she looks just like a mini myleene klass does anyone know if she is her daughter

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