ITV – Where Drama Lives Autumn 2013

Advert: ITV – Where Drama Lives Autumn 2013
Music: Katie Herzig – Closest I Get

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This latest ITV drama trailer features Downton Abbey, Vera, Whitechapel, Breathless, The Guilty, Doc Martin and Poirot. The song is by US singer/songwriter Katie Herzig. It’s called the Closest I Get, from the album The Waking Sleep. You can download the track from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “ITV – Where Drama Lives Autumn 2013


    Who is singing Trust In Me for the new dramas advert on tv . I know the original was Etta James but this voice dos’nt sound her.

  2. Mark

    Great. A work of art, this is the best yet. If they keep up like this then you will be in fo a massive viewer count. Best of luck with this seasone.

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