Boots – Christmas 2013

Advert: Boots – Christmas 2013
Music: Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

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The Boots Christmas 2013 TV ad follows a boy setting out to buy gifts for all those who have done something special. It’s an interesting ad with an unusual – although not unwelcome – choice of soundtrack. The song is Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat, featuring singer Jimmy Somerville and musician Steve Bronski. The 1984 hit single addresses issues such as loneliness, bullying and homophobia. The track is available to download from iTunes.

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10 thoughts on “Boots – Christmas 2013

  1. Sally

    This is the best Xmas advert by far this year. It us the only advert that makes me stop to wTch it. I hope they run it next year.

  2. ray steer

    What’s the matter with people.I think the advert is brilliant. We all think the boy in a hoody is up to no good when in fact he probably saved up all year to buy gifts for people who he cares for. As for the choice of music I feel is secondary to the point behind the ad. Just my opinion.

    • Donna R Henderson

      I totally agree with you x but who is the lad in the advert..does any1 know plzzz???
      He so reminds me of George Samson from Britains Got Talent xxx

  3. Liam Phelan

    Actually a good Ad. Run through the sequence. Young chap wearing hoodie going out door. Asked where going. Just says “out” So our first reaction is up to no good. Then bangs on doors etc. still up to no good. But all turned around when we see we actually see he being a nice person. Then when home a pressure waiting for him for being a good person and reminding us all not to judge just because of what we see RE: age and clothing.

  4. Michael Lias

    I agree, great song but not for a Xmas advert. Not really sure what message Boots are trying to send.

  5. Chris greasby

    Poor advert, the boy wearing a hoodie is giving away expensive presents, £80 Shaver to a teacher, etc. Boy doesn’t look old enough to shave, only conclusion is that the kid must be a shoplifter and he nicked the stuff from Boots !!

  6. mags

    best ad on for xmas 2013 beats john lewis and m@s and really think its great and only message i got was of a shy thoughtful lad who thought a little kindness would not go amiss for some special people .Why look beyond that.

  7. Collette Post

    I don’t get why they are using a song about a lad leaving home struggling with sexuality issues for a Christmas ad,I miss their old ads

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