John Lewis – The Bear & The Hare Christmas 2013

Advert: John Lewis – The Bear & The Hare Christmas 2013
Music: Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

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The latest of the big-hitter Christmas 2013 TV adverts arrives, and it’s arguably the most-anticipated ad of the year. John Lewis presents a beautifully animated festive tale – The Bear & The Hare. The Bear doesn’t usually get to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate. However, this year will be different thanks to a clever gift from the Hare. The ad combines hand-drawn and stop-frame animation and was created by some of the artists behind The Lion King. The soundtrack is a cover of Keane’s 2004 hit Somewhere Only We Know, specially recorded for the ad by Lily Allen. Lily’s version has been released as a single.

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2 thoughts on “John Lewis – The Bear & The Hare Christmas 2013

  1. Lidge 237

    I must say I preferred listening to some fella sing it during an ad break on Christmas day. Lily Allen has a sort of warble that annoys me a bit.

  2. James Lazarides

    A very good advert that hits the heart of sharing and being together giving gifts on a special day well done to the person or persons who created this advert

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