Sky – Christmas Magical Moments

Advert: Sky – Christmas Magical Moments
Music: Jonathan Goldstein – Magical Moments (Waiting For You)

Download the Magical Moments single from iTunes

Sky has launched a series of ads (an airport story, a family story, a love story…) focussing on the magical moments that people share at Christmas. The music used in all of the ads is a specially-created piece called Magical Moments (Waiting For You) by composer Jonathan Goldstein. The track has been released as a single including this instrumental version plus a vocal version featuring Victoria Beaumont. It’s available to download from iTunes.

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14 thoughts on “Sky – Christmas Magical Moments

  1. mark ford

    Airport departures board 2nd from bottom destination – Leeds UT72D or in other words Leeds United FA Cup winners 1972 – class

  2. Joe Bates

    Wow “Magical Moments” is No.1 on the Classical section of iTunes. Let’s see if it crosses over to the Pop charts 🙂

    • Michelle Brown

      I agree and I cry. Crazy an ad and music can do that to you. Looks like John Lewis has lost out this year.

  3. Wendy Wun Lin Hill

    I’m so gutted that you can’t download it!! I love it!! Please rethink and change your mind. If you don’t want to profit it, do give it to charity 😉 xx Wendy hill

    • Mike

      Hi when I first heard the piece of music i thought it was Ludovico Einaudi but after coming on this website I found out it was a mr Goldstein .

      Ludovico Einaudi
      The earth prelude

      Do your self a favour and get in to this pianist . He’s done loads of sound tracks to lots of film .
      Have Fun


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