Thomson Holidays – Simon The Ogre

Advert: Thomson Holidays – Simon The Ogre
Music: The Piano Guys – Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

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Thomson presents the tale of a grumpy ogre who turns back into a happy dad after a relaxing holiday. The above video is the full two-minute version of the ad. The music is from The Piano Guys, a US group who originally formed in order to promote a piano store in Utah via YouTube. After their pop and classical mash-ups began to receive millions of YouTube hits, The Piano Guys started releasing their music commercially. This track is called Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, and it’s based on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and the OneRepublic song Secrets. It’s available to download from iTunes.

18 thoughts on “Thomson Holidays – Simon The Ogre

  1. CDL

    Actually the music sounds predominantly like One Republic’ Secrets.. and strangely it’s a mix with them.. Seeing as OR recorded 2008 I’d pretty much say they wrote it..

  2. claire

    yes nice tune but it sounds like clouds by zach sobiech. if it is a rip off it’s so wrong since he lost his battle with cancer. judge for yourself .

  3. Robert

    I love this Thomson advert the music is great but please put it on the tv more often it makes me want to go on the holiday now!!

  4. marko

    If you cannot relate to this advert then you are very lucky …..fab advert and wonderful music to go with it .

  5. pat johnson

    I find this advert offensive do thomsons turn ugly people into attractive people.why??can’t holidaymakers accept people as they are without trying to change them

    • Roger Sanford

      Wtf…this is about someone being an over worked grump finally relaxing on holiday..if you find this offensive for the reason you state above you need to reevaluate, take a look at yourself and think before you comment. Maybe get off your high horse to?

    • paul c

      I think by your over-reaction and tone, you’re the exact target audience they’re going for. Calm down and maybe go relax (on a Thomsons holiday perhaps?)

  6. Jeff

    Many thanks – every time the Thomson ad comes on, I get the music stuck in m y head for ages… such a gorgeous piece!!

  7. The Nutty Professor

    I have to say the music is beautiful. I live in a lonely small room and I almost had tears come out.

    Some people are born great !

    • Paul

      Thanks Christopher, you are right, we were provided with the wrong info but have now corrected the post.

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