Auto Trader – Hello Goodbye

Advert: Auto Trader – Hello Goodbye
Music: Jamie Berry – Delight (Feat. Octavia Rose)

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Auto Trader reckon buying and selling a car should be as easy as saying “hello, goodbye”, according to this new TV ad for 2014. The song used in the ad is Delight by Jamie Berry featuring Octavia Rose. Berry is an electro swing producer from Leeds. The track is available to download from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Auto Trader – Hello Goodbye

  1. John Smithson

    Well Done Autotrader
    Thankyou for reviving the moronic advert from Lenor showing a policewoman running over cars
    This will definitely jog imbeciles memory when they see it and will resume their passion for vandalism and destruction. Hope you are prepared to foot the bill for all the damage you will cause

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