British Army Recruitment – #BeTheBest

Advert: British Army Recruitment – #BeTheBest
Music: Faith SFX – Commissioned Track

There’s more than one way to be the best, says this recruitment TV ad for the British Army. The ad was created by the JWT agency, and features a voice-over from JWT project manager and Army Reservist second lieutenant Rachel Clutterbuck. The soundtrack was specially created by UK beatboxer Faith SFX. It isn’t currently available to download.

8 thoughts on “British Army Recruitment – #BeTheBest

  1. David Scott

    That song is almost identical to the new google play commercial song – by Busy p – rainbow man … is there something going on here that we should now.

    Connection – google play / Join the Army

  2. owen

    It would be cool if someone would post a download link because I would like to use it in a presentation…Any ideas?

  3. G

    This music really reminds of the track “phantom” by the sisters of mercy. Its a great track, from the “Alice” EP

  4. Alley

    Regarding the army advert I’ve found this ,Faith SFX provided the sound effects and track for the ad, which was created by Olly Robinson and Paul Rizzello, and directed by Jake Nava through Cherry. Hope it helps

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