SEAT – New Leon ST

Advert: SEAT – New Leon ST
Music: Dani Espinet & Toni Saigi – Walk And Then Run

This TV ad for the new SEAT Leon ST (“you’ll be surprised what you can pack in”) has been causing some confusion across Europe. In the ad, the car’s entertainment system screen shows that the father and son are listening to a track called Days on the Road by The Hollander. However, that’s not the track we hear. (In fact, as far as we can tell, Days on the Road by The Hollander doesn’t even exist.) The track used in the ad is actually Walk And Then Run by Dani Espinet and Toni Saigi. It was specially composed for SEAT by the two Spanish musicians. SEAT say the track mat be released as a download, so watch this space.

One thought on “SEAT – New Leon ST

  1. thomas

    When it will be possible to listen the full song “Dani Espinet & Toni saigi – Walk and then run” or the hollander – days on road who appears in your pub ?

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