Three – Sing It Kitty

Advert: Three – Sing It Kitty
Music: Starship – We Built This City

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‘We all need silly stuff,’ say Three in this TV ad for the mobile company, which features a little girl pedalling her bike round a street with a singing cat in her basket, accompanied by a now-obligatory hashtag, #SingItKitty. Weirdly, this is the second face-morphing singing cat ad that’s appeared on TV over the past few days. (The other is Freeview’s Cat & Budgie.) The song the girl and the kitty are singing is We Built This City by Starship, a US number 1 (and UK number 12) hit from 1985. It’s available to download from iTunes. You can also make your own Sing It Kitty music video at the Three website.


9 thoughts on “Three – Sing It Kitty

  1. Katherine Milne

    For amandine x from Amro who does this look like we are all rolling around laughing. ………..go lily x

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