BBC Alive With Music – Sorrow

Advert: BBC Alive With Music – Sorrow
Music: Choir of King’s College – Miserere

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This latest BBC Alive With Music promo, featuring the tagline ‘Now and Always’, features a variety of performers in various states of sorrow. The soundtrack is Italian composer Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere, or Miserere Mei, Deus (Have Mercy On Me, God), performed by the Choir of King’s College. The piece was composed in the 1630s to be sung in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. The Choir of King’s College performance is available to download from iTunes.

One thought on “BBC Alive With Music – Sorrow

  1. Debbie Cullum

    BBC1 – Alive with Music ( I’m an Eastenders fan!) I must have watched this ad half a dozen times and fully endorse BBC 1’s Alive with Music … I love music, so I googled it to find out what and when it’s on the TV? – disappointedly I found details of the campaign but no listings of any forthcoming music documentaries, concerts etc either live or pre recorded .. what a waste, could we have more information BBC at the time, for the week ahead, to support your prime time advertising and not just a youtube video to boot once I’ve hit the google button.

    Debbie Cullum.

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