Stella Artois – The Perfect Serve

Advert: Stella Artois – The Perfect Serve
Music: Michi Besler – Specially Recorded

This latest reassuringly expensive Stella Artois TV ad, directed by Wim Wenders for the Mother agency, shows a poolside barman providing the (almost) perfect serve to a regular customer. The piano soundtrack was specially composed by Michi Besler of the German Eardrum music and sound design agency. It’s isn’t commercially available.

12 thoughts on “Stella Artois – The Perfect Serve

  1. luizaneamtu35

    the lady in Eva Green ? and the barman who is? thanks … the piano tune is …special 🙂

  2. viv

    Does anyone think that this tune sounds like a laid back version of the theme music for Rovio’s Bad Piggies (credited to Ilmari Hakkola)?

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