British Heart Foundation – Baby

Advert: British Heart Foundation – Baby
Music: Vampire Weekend – Young Lion

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This latest British Heart Foundation TV ad introduces a baby who has a 50/50 chance of inheriting a heart condition. The message is that the BHF is fighting inherited heart conditions. You can help support the fight here. The song used in the ad is Vampire Weekend’s Young Lion, from the album Modern Vampires of the City. It’s available to download from iTunes.

5 thoughts on “British Heart Foundation – Baby

  1. Violet Greaves

    I object to the nature of the message and the use of a vulnerable baby’s voice and image. Putting forward the idea that a parent ‘gives’ their baby a faulty gene is shocking. Parents feel guilty enough when their children are well. To imply it’s their ‘fault’ because they have a faulty gene that they pass on to their baby is not good fundraising. Awful approach.

  2. Pauline Martin

    I am deeply offended that you have rubbished the name Pauline, Rose, and Maisie. How do you think it makes our mothers feel? It would be enough to give them a heart attack!!! Remove these names as it is so embarrassing!! Put you own names on it.

    • Paul

      Hi Pauline, your comment would be better to be sent to the British Heart Foundation or the makers of the ad. I for one would never rubbish your name!

    • Pauline Dellar

      I totally agree, it’s a very hurtful ad for all the Pauline’s, Maisie’s and Rose’s in the world, very upsetting! I did email the BHF, but they weren’t interested!

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