Estrella Damm – Mediterraneamente

Advert: Estrella Damm – Mediterraneamente
Music: Love Of Lesbian – Fantastic Shine

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Estrella Damm brings a touch of Mediterranean sunshine to UK TV with this ad for the Barcelona-based beer. Shot at several locations on the Mediterranean coast, the message is, ‘It all depends on how, and how is up to you,’ under the banner ‘Mediterraneamente’, which roughly translates as ‘Mediterranean state of mind’. The song used in the ad is from the interestingly-named Catalonian indie-pop band Love of Lesbian. It’s a track called Fantastic Shine, which was released as a single in the UK in 2013 and is available to download from iTunes. The above video is the full 3-minute version of the ad featuring the full track.

6 thoughts on “Estrella Damm – Mediterraneamente

    • Eloise

      Couldn’t agree more… The utterly irritating repetitive bit they have used for that advert drives me insane! My brain obsessively will not allow me to forget it. On the other hand, this may be a good thing:-
      I will NEVER buy the song
      I will NEVER buy that beer
      I will NEVER visit that part of the world
      I will even avoid Paella if I can!

      I have all the information I need to hand (to brain) to avoid every thing about it.

  1. iola jones

    i have fallen in love with the green sleeveless floral top/dress that the girl is wearing in the ad. (she is the girl dancing round the tennis table. any idea where I can buy this from please? many thanks. iola.

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