Pets At Home – My Pet Moments

Advert: Pets At Home – My Pet Moments
Music: Anonymous (Support Adoption For Pets) – You and Me Song

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This Pets at Home TV ad features crowd-sourced footage from happy pet owners gathered under the hashtag #MyPetMoments. The song used in the ad is a cover version of the Wannadies track You and Me Song, which was originally released in 1996 and features on the album Be a Girl. As to who sings the cover, oddly, Pets at Home say, ‘the artist has asked to remain anonymous’. UPDATE: To coincide with a more recent Pets at Home TV ad, this version of You and Me Song has been released as a download, with profits going to the charity Support Adoption For Pets. You can download the Support Adoption For Pets version of You and Me Song from iTunes.


20 thoughts on “Pets At Home – My Pet Moments

  1. Scott Pugh

    They are releasing a charity single of the song on CD and the iTunes store on August 4th.

  2. You + Me = Always and Forever

    Anyone found out who is singing this yet? Such an amazing voice with a lovely tone. There’s so much rubbish on the radio these days so how can someone with an amazing voice be choosing to remain anonymous? WTF! Come on Pets At Home, you’ve found a great vocalist, you’ve got to get You And Me released PLEASE 🙂

  3. Gwyneth Owen-Pullin

    I reckon it is Chris Martin but wished to remain anonymous as that sort of seems like the thing he would do…
    *suggestion* release the song and donate the money to RSPCA…

  4. Dale vosper

    Where can we get that exact version the song? It’s a great cover! Sounds like Chris Martin but is it?

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